At Capstone Labs we can assist your company in numerous IT consulting ways to ensure not only is your company running efficiently but any new projects are also planned for success.   Our IT consulting services include:Capstone Labs have been successfully able to plan, design, implement and deploy hundreds of successful applications online for our clients over the past years and now are offering this experience to your company.

Project Planning

Failure to plan these days leads to a plan for failure.  These days as IT project become more complex requiring more skill, technology, and resources the need for planning is one of the most crucial steps in the project build.  With good planning comes clear goals, objectives, and deliverable and ensuring appropriate resources and skills are present and/or available.  At Capstone Labs we can assist your staff define these key objectives and required goals and produce a Request for Proposal, a Functional Specification, and/or Project Plans.

Hardware / Software Consulting

Technology and company requirements are always changing and as such Capstone Labs staff can assist you in ensuring your company is making necessary hardware and software plans, has appropriate computer assets (computers, servers, networking) and software assets (client licenses, software versions, necessary software) as well as procedures (backup, virus scanning, update and patching) sufficient to ensure an efficiently running company.

Technology Consulting

Is our company using technology effectively?  Many companies build up over time a ad hoc technology resources without developing a plan to ensure they taking advantage of the latest technology available to them.   At Capstone labs we can help in this process by analyzing your corporate goals, technology requirements and how technology can be implemented to assist achieve your corporate goals.  This in depth research of your technology needs we can design and develop a technology roadmap to ensure your company can grow it's technology resources effectively and efficiently.

Internet Technology Consulting

Is Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, My Space, and/or where should our company use the internet?  The internet and new technologies are released or changed daily and most companies just don't know if they should or how to take advantage of these changes, this is where Capstone Labs can help.  At Capstone labs we can analyze your corporate goals and how they relate to internet technology and design an internet technology roadmap to ensure your company can take advantage of the latest web technologies and resources.

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