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Welcome to the latest version of the Capstone Labs website our developers have made some tweaks to our overall layout to improve overall site accessibility and incorporated a responsive design framework.

Does your website display correctly on some, most or all the different size devices that will browse your websites these days?  How about on a mobile device (2"-4" screen / 300 - 600px ), tablet (6" - 8" / screen 700px - 1000px), desktop monitor ( 17" -  27" and up / 800px - 2000px and larger)?  

Is your website formatted and optimized for each display?  Does everything display correctly? Especially on mobile but on all sizes is it functional? Can you navigation to all or for that matter any of your interior pages?  

If you asked asked the average website owners this question most will response, sure and then say something about all their SEO efforts something like:

  • ... our web pages have tons of keywords ...
  • ... we have good descriptive titles/meta tags ...
  • ... Facebook, Twitter, Blog... Social this /that and the other...
  • ... page weight/ url linking .. etc.


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