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What is "Responsive Website Design"?

Glad you asked, responsive website design which is also known by the terms elastic, fluid, or flexible design is a website design philosophy in which the designer and developer (us in this case) work together to create a website that unlike traditionally framed websites, in which the website is relatively the same size and all pieces are in the place no matter the users screen, a responsive website design stretches, compresses, and/or move sections of the page around so that each page provided to the user is optimized for that users screen size and display.  

Explaining what responsive website design is one thing but but showing you is a completely different experience.  Therefore we have taken few screen shots of the responsive design our website in action (below) and as the image illustrates the website is modified and transforms the display for different devices and widths.

[The Upper Left - Smart Phones/Mobile devices (IPhone, Android, and Blackberry), Upper Right - Tablet display (IPAD, Galaxy Tab, others), Bottom - Desktop (large monitors 22")].


If would like to see the responsive design in effect and you can resize your browser window just move your cursor over to the right edge of the browser and when it switches from a pointer to left and right arrows hold your mouse button down and slide your mouse to the left and/or right.  As you resize your browser you should notice the website fonts, images and even layout will continually update to conform and provide the optimal viewing experience for the browser size.  

Want to know more about "responsive website design" or what is required for us to incorporate features like it into your website?

Contact Us Today, we will be glad to explain more of the features of responsive design and/or review your site and the options available to you to develop and/or incorporate it into your website. 

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