Capstone Labs offers complete web service solutions providing our clients everything necessary to ensure their website is online, available, validated and kept maintained.  Customers using our web services ensure that their website is always ready for their customers.

Cloud Website Hosting

Are you struggling with your current website hosting provider?  Is your website always online and available?  If your server where to fail what happens?  If the answer to any of these questions was "yes" or "I don't know" then you are in need of Capstone Labs website Hosting solutions.

Site Security Services

In efforts to better support our clients and protect their customer data from intruding eyes, Capstone Labs has become SSL Vendor allowing us to provide SSL certificates from the leading SSL Certificate Authorities on the internet.

Site Data Maintenance and Management Services

Visitors want websites to be informative and up to date. If they find only old news the research says they will go to the next site.

Content Translation Services

Key Research: As of July 1, 2007, there were 45.5 million Hispanic Americans, representing 15.1% of the total US population, according to recently released US Census Bureau data.

Site Validation and Compliance Services

Website standards change and Government Laws on Accessibility (ADA, Section 508 and others) are being updated to ensure everyone has equal access to the internet and content. Add to that, the fact that as websites get larger maintaining the content and ensuring everything is working correctly becomes extremely complex and time consultimg endeavor, this is where Capstone Labs website validation web services can be essential.

Backup and Data Archival Services

Capstone Labs is now extending our services to offer online backup and data archival services to the masses starting at about $0.30 cents a day (with plans for as little as $0.20 a GB/monthly). 


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