Website Design and Web Development

Web /Mobile Development

Custom Designs/Developed Websites and Web Applications driven by your ideas and delivered by our proven expertise. Deliver your message to users on Desktop and Mobile devices!
Custom Programming

Custom Programming

Empower your business with our Custom Application/Services, Custom Programming, XML/Web Services, and/or our Databases expertise
Technology Consulting and IT services

Technology Consulting

Put our experience and resources to work for your business: IT Consulting, Hosting, Computer Services, SEO.

Mobile Development / Mobile Applications

The Web and Internet and accessibility of smarter technology and portable devices have started to break the user ties to using the web exclusively on the desktop and personal computer. Users are now browsing the web more on portable devices including phones, tablets, game consoles and even on their TVs.

This means that any online efforts need to account for these changes in user access behaviors to be sure the message can be accessed from where and whichever device the user has available. If it requires having device specific apps, for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and/or other Smart Phone/Device or just a mobile optimized version of your web message, you need to cater to the new needs of your customers.

This is where Capstone Labs can help you with nearly all your web and mobile development needs.

  • Smart Phone specific / iPhone, iPad and Android Applications

    If you want an application that is specifically built and optimized for a single smart phone device that can be marketed though the Apple App Store or the Android Market what you need is a native application.

    These applications can be delivered and access the full potential of the device accessing specific features unique to each.  These include the motion, data storage, access to any sensors; or about anything else the device allows within of course the rules of the specific device and application store.

  • Mobile Web Applications

    If what you want is a solution that can be deployed across the array of mobile devices at once and not specific to anyone one device or any App store policies what you want is a Mobile Web application.

    These are significantly less expensive with a quicker time to market allowing you to provide your information to end users in a format that can be easily installed from the web browser and can mimic the interface of a native application with rich interactions and transitions. This type of application is a hosted solution allowing you to easily update, maintain, create sharing of features between users and backup of the user’s information.



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